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Free Scarf from our Gift Shop with Whale Watch Alaska Booking

Free Scarf from our Gift Shop with Whale Watch Alaska Booking.


This web special is good for one $60 or less in value from our gift shop at Stories and Legends with any booking. This offer is not valid with any other promotions. This offer ends May 21, 2012.


If there is a scarf you like just let me know and I can send it out or tell you about it.


Enjoy and see you soon.


Cory Mann

3:00 PM Whale Watching Tour Details for 2012

3:00 PM Whale Watching Tour Details for 2012

Thank you for choosing Whale Watch Alaska, for your whale watch adventure in Juneau, Alaska. We will be looking for you a few minutes before 2:30 PM at the top of the ramp where your ship docks holding a sign and with your name and Whale Watch Alaska on it. We will also call you 30 minutes ahead of time to make sure everything is going smooth. At 2:30 PM we will depart for Auke Bay, Juneau, Alaska, a 30 minute drive to where your whale watching boat will disembark at 3:00 PM for 2 hours on the water wildlife cruise. You will return to your dock in downtown Juneau by 5:30 PM.

Please check our web site under ‘Tour News’ for any changes: for example; if your ship is delayed an hour, a day, or canceled for any reason, also, we will have up to the minute weather stats making sure your trip is safe and enjoyable. Your safety is our first priority and your satisfaction is our second. This is going to be a trip you will never forget and to share with your friends and family for the rest of your life.

Bring a warm fleece and waterproof windbreaker, light or thin gloves would not hurt. We will be cruising inside the world’s largest temperate rain-forest. If it is turns out to be 92 degrees that day you don’t have to wear your warm clothes, but you sure will appreciate it in the cool breeze and rain of 50 degrees on a brisk day on the ocean.

Remember your time is going to be outside on the deck taking pictures or video and catching your breath as the humpback whales will take it away by their sheer size: up to 52 feet long and weighing 30 to 50 tons, twice as big as the boat we will be in. Umbrellas do not work on the ocean with the wind and close proximity of each other so don’t bring one on-board please. Bring an extra battery and flash card for lots of video and pictures. Practice taking fast shots and video. Learn how to plan your shots quickly, the boat will be floating every direction possible and when a resident killerwhale breaches while chasing her dinner, maybe a 40 pound king salmon, you want to be ready for the shot of a lifetime.

Please call or email us for any questions.

Thank you.

Gutchquena / Cory Mann

Whale Watch Alaska
3701 Amalga St., Suite B
Juneau, AK  99801
United States

907.957.3238 office email

Whale Watch Alaska is a Stories and Legends, Inc. Venture

Bio of Gutchquena / Cory Mann

Bio of Gutchquena / Cory Mann:

As director of the award winning movie, Smokin’ Fish, my interests include taking care of the environment, catching my own dinner in my village, skiing, canoeing, whale watching, and anything outdoors and with friends and family.

As a USCG certified 50 Ton Captain, educated in business at NAU, I enjoy being on the water teaching people about whale watching and area my family comes from for more than 10,000 years now. I am Tlingit – American Indian, love my culture and enjoy sharing it. I also enjoy designing and manufacturing beautiful cashmere scarves, silk scarves, with my families designs and without. This allows me to wholesale my art to more than 300 stores around North America and Europe. Working with my families art allows me to enjoy family time and share my knowledge with other family members and their friends.

I have taken more than 500,000 people on tour, like the Minister of Finance of Thailand to my Grandma Jeannette Mann. I grew up on the water. My guide certs: swift water, rescue, canoe, kayak, CDL, and Master Cold Water Diver. I am certified by the USA a Thunderbird, Tlingit Native American – my family – Da Kin ista’ – guided the Tlingit people to Alaska over the Juneau Ice-field.

President of Stories and Legends, Inc. Established in 1994 as tour bus company with one bus we grew to include trolley cars and tour brokerages, to accompany our lonely bus. In 2000 we diversified into textile gifts. In 2002 we came out with our first scarf design in silk velvet, which continues to be a best seller. Now we own looms producing the finest cashmere scarves, silk scarves, linen scarves, and cotton scarves, on the market, 50% in Native American Designs 50% in designs for any occasion, like weddings, romantic dinners, cold winter days, and blistering hot days. We have done bamboo and ceramic kitchenware as well. Now we are diversifying into more clothing accessories including headbands, earrings, and hats.

We are manufacturing wholesalers so if you see a store near you that you want to see us in please let us know and we will make you an affiliate.

We continue to offer tours in whale watching and sport fishing. Some of our customers include the Minister of Finance of Thailand, Pow-Wows, and Potlatches of the Northwest Coast.

Today Stories and Legends, Inc is divided into 3 companies: Textile Manufactureing with a focus on scarves and gifts. We are manufacturing wholesalers so if you see a store near you that you want to see us in please let us know and we will make you an affiliate.

Stories and Legends is a holding company for: Whale Watch Alaska tours and – we help companies get found online.

How to Save Money Coming to Alaska

If you have not gotten a Alaska Airline Visa Card, now might be the time to apply for one. It only takes a few minutes and if you are approved they will send you a ‘Companion Fair’ ticket. What this means is when you buy one ticket and cash in your companion fair voucher or ticket they sent you along with your card, you can buy an additional ticket for $100. It costs this much to use this voucher.


You need to call this voucher in to use and you cannot use it if you book with a travel agency.


Also, be sure to check their site often for ‘Web Specials.’ They often have sales from all over the country to Alaska or Seattle or where ever here for CHEAP!


If you drink wine, then sign up for their millage program and start earning miles for a free ticet which costs around 15,000 off season and up from their.


Also, note it is simply cheaper to buy aAlaska Airline tickets with millage. Now how you do this is make a reservation and then see how many miles it will take to fly and if you do not have any then just buy enough to fly on that reservation, simple. It will cost an everage of $100 less per ticket, but late minutes rates which normally cost more will no longer apply due to buying with milage.


Friend vouchers at $300 + on craigslist are sometimes available, but very secreative.


Let me know if you have other ideas please. See you soon.