Whale Watch Season is Almost Over

Whale Watch Season is Almost Over. There is snow on the mountains now once again and the cruise ships are here for another 3 weeks before they stop coming. Soon the whales will follow heading back to Hawaii and Mexico.


The killerwhales will stay, and a few of the hump back whales will stay, but most will leave to have their babies in the warm waters further south.


Please don’t forget to bring gloves, layered fleece or wool, waterproof thin clothing for layers and for wind.


It has been a great whale watch season with an unusual amount of calves and whales in Juneau, Alaska.


Bubble feeding is nearly over. By this time of the year they stop and begin to breach a lot, the courting is what I think breaching is. This brings out the high power cameras as people love to see the giants leap completely out of the water, not to mention the sound wave generated from the splash impact.

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